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Seraphmedia is a platform for dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God and the Gospel Of Christ through the internet media, Our aim is to provide a platform for all Cherubim and seraphim members across the globe a platform where they build themselves up in the most Holy faith, by providing them messages from anointed men of God, musics, Ebooks e.t.c

We believe in the vision God gave his servant, Apostle Moses Orimolade concerning the Cherubim And Seraphim Order.

Seraphmedia is not a media platform for
created for any church or body within the Cherubim And Seraphim Order.

We also do not share music, videos or any sort of media that does not bring edification to us as believers, any media that does not advance the agenda of the kingdom will not be allowed on our platfrom.

We believe in the revival of the Cherubim And Seraphim Church.


The mission of the Seraphmedia Platform is simple.

Whether we like it or not, Social Media have come to stay and it has become a part of our lives and it has it Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats.

The mission of the Seraphmedia is to be a Seraph platform where Christ is revealed and to make sure that the Mandate Of God through The Cherubim And Seraphim Movement is brought to the media world.

There is also a gross misrepresentation of this Fold in the Media World too, one of our mission is to be a true representation of what this Fold represents in the Body Of Christ.

To achieve this - we share Messages preached by Men Of God In This Fold, Messages Preached In Meetings and conferences relating to the fold, We share Hymns and Ebooks Too.
We will be sharing ideas on how to achieve this mission.

The Platform (this Movement) started June 22 , 2019, and to the Glory of God, it has been moving forward. a lot of people have testified that the messages,hymns, songs and other things  we share have blessed them and is blessing them,We believe this is just the beginning.
However, one of our hymns says;
                                                            _titi gbogbo ifọju ọkan,
                                                            Yio o fi tan layé;
                                                            T'iku Jesu Oluwa wa,
                                                            Ko ni jẹ asan mọ_ 

It's not just going to be about a platform, it is a movement!!.

© Seraphmedia

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