Download Faith For Change - Rev'd Toluwalogo Agboola

Download Faith For Change - Rev'd Toluwalogo Agboola 

The Body of Christ is a family of Faith, we are pleasing to God because we have faith, without faith it becomes impossible to please God, the Bible also said that when we pray we must pray without doubts in our hearts because anybody who doubts cannot receive from God.

The message Faith For Change focus on bringing the believer into the understanding of how to use our faith to bring about the change we so much desire to see.
many believers are hoping for changes in different aspects of life, but they do not have the faith for it.
Many people have faith for one aspect of life but does not have for another aspect of their live, many people believe there are aspects of their life that God should not bother about, THIS IS WRONG!!!,
God is interested in every areas of our life and the bible is full of promises for every areas of our life.  

Rev'd Tolu Agboola is an anointed teacher of the word with an Apostolic calling to teach the church the patterns of true worship, he is the shepherd of HWCN ( His Worship Christian Center) in Ogbomosho, Oyo State.

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