Download The Principle of Learning 1 - Prophet Cherub Obadare

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Download The Principle of Learning 1 - Prophet Cherub Obadare

 Download The Principle of Learning Part 1 - Prophet Cherub Obadare

Learning is generally a process of acquiring Knowledge and gaining understanding of what have been learned, we learn from many streams and in many ways. Knowledge helps us to be outstanding and different.
True wisdom is a result of knowledge.
We grow in Christ also by learning and gaining the Knowledge of Him(Jesus).
we cannot afford to be ignorant spiritually

Prophet Cherub Obadare preach on the Principle of Learning, the importance of giving ourselves to learning everyday and growing in the wisdom of God.
The Wisdom of God comes from accurate Knowledge of God, there are different kinds of wisdom in the world, there is the WISDOM OF GOD, WISDOM OF MEN and THE WISDOM OF THE DEVIL. 
Prophet Cherub Obadare is the Shepard of Spiritlife Cherubim And Seraphim Church, A prophet and a revelational teacher of the word.

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