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Love A More Excellent Way - Prophet Cherub Obadare

 Love A More Excellent Way - Prophet Cherub Obadare

The bible says there is Love, Faith and Hope, and the greatest of them is Love, it also says that Faith works by love, in the Kingdom of God, Hope , Faith, Love all have great importance without a doubt but the greatest is still LOVE.
Prophet Cherub Obadare explains the importance of choosing Love as a priority in this world.
There are lots of Christians who have faith and hope but lacks love, there are many who emphasize faith over love.
The way of love is the most excellent way.
Love covers a multitude of sins, it does not keep record of wrongs, love makes us to live a selfless life.

Prophet Cherub Obadare is the Shepard of Spiritlife Cherubim And Seraphim Church, A prophet and a revelational teacher of the word.

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