Download Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel KDG – Doers of the word

Download Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel KDG  – Doers of the word

God expects that we gather but He expects that we give ourselves wholly to the instructions and counsels that come forth as long as it is in consonance with the written word of God.
The Gospel will not profit a man who is not doing the Gospel. The profitability of the Gospel is largely dependent upon the doing.
There's no aspect of the Gospel that is as important as the doing aspect. We must ensure that every word that is spoken to us is accurately carried out.
The practicable aspect of the Gospel should be at the zenith such that we ensure we are putting it unto practice. We live our lives totally by the Word.
Your growth system is tied to your hearing ears and listening hearts. You cannot grow beyond the words you hear.
Your sustainability is dependent upon your practicability. Look for a man that falls constantly, that man does not do the word consistent.
The replication of the Word is traceable to your hearing and doing.

Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel is the founder of Menorah School Of The Spirit Word, a monthly meeting where  the word of God is taught with demonstration of spirit and power, he is a graduate of YABATECH. He was the vice president of C&S Unification YABATECH.

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