Download Dominion Part 2 By Pastor Alo Olatokunboh

Download Dominion Part 2 By Pastor Alo Olatokunboh

The teaching on dominion by Pastor Alo Olatokunboh is a two part series, you can download the first series on our blog by using the search button.

Dominion must be taught in the church today if the church will arise from its seemingly beggarly existence, many people in the church thinks the church is meant to be weak, frail and fragile but this is not the counsel of God for his Church, he wants his people to live and reign in dominion.

Dominion is not the same as Autocracy Or Tryranny

Pastor Alo Olatokunboh is an anointed and humble Man Of God, he is the president of Transformation  Hour Network, he also has a daily online devotion called Fragrance Of The Spirit,  He was the president of Unification Offa Chapter while he was in school, he organize EOTYR every year, he is also a bonafide member of the Cherubim And Seraphim Order.

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