Download Audio: The Unction Ministry's Voice At Awake 3.0. (music)

The Unction Ministry's Voice At Awake 3.0. (music)

Awake is an annual conference organized  by The Unction Ministry led by Bro Aduragbemi Oladipo Alad, Awake 3.0. held this December tagged SONS OF OIL, In attendance this year are Prophet Gandonu Gabriel, Pastor Gideon Adeyinka, Pastor Olushola Joseph and Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel.

This ministration is a special song for the conference, a song was sang to meet the theme of the conference SONS OF OIL.
The lyrics of the song contains a cry to Seraph youths to arise as true sons of oil and bring revival to the Order, and to the Body Of Christ.

All other messages preached at the conference are available on the blog, you can access them by using the search feature.

You can also download other messages by The Unction Ministry on this blog for free.

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