Download Breaking Resistance By Prophet Abraham

Breaking Resistance By Prophet Abraham

Download Breaking Resistance By Prophet Abraham

Every great destiny is always hindered by the devil , the bigger the hindrance, the bigger the destiny. Unfortunately many people with great destinies have kept quiet and done nothing above  the resistance of the devil, they have not understood the place of tarrying in prayers till fulfillment.

Pastor Abraham Adebayo teaches on the importance of breaking the resistance of the devil in the place of prayer. The devil resisted Paul from preaching in a city even in the new testament.
Many churches are small not because they are not powerful but because they are resisted.
Daniel persisted in prayers until his prayers were answered, he prayed until he saw physical manifestation of his prayers.
Before Jesus was born, people prayed for the prophecy to be fulfilled.

Prophet Abraham Adebayo is the host of Path Of The Father's Conference an annual Conference that holds in Erin-Ile Kwara State under his ministry Grace For All International.

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