My Encounter with the Cherubim And Seraphim Patriarch - Rev'd Tolu Agboola

The C&S Patriarch by Rev'd Tolu Agboola.mp3

My Encounter with The C&S Patriarch by Rev'd Tolu Agboola

The Cherubim And Seraphim church was founded by God's Apostle and general, a Patriarch of faith in this nation Moses Orimolade, was known for his ministry which was characterized by signs and wonders, deep teaching of the word and prayer,  it was due to the prayer ministry of the cherubim and seraphim church that they are popularly called 'The Aladura's'.

During his days and even after his death, many people criticized this ministry and Moses Orimolade due to the unusual manifestations of God's power and the strange dimensions(such as translocation, translation e.t.c).
Moses Orimolade was known to be a man who understood mysteries.
Many people cooked up lies concerning the man of God, many said he cursed the ministry he started, some said he cursed the body of Christ, all of which are untrue.

Rev'd Toluwalogo Agboola,founder of  HWCN shares in this short audio, one of the visitations he had from  Moses Orimolade.

In this message Rev'd Toluwalogo Agboola shared an encounter  he had with the C&S Patriach, God's Apostle, Moses Orimolade in a vision.
He made it known that he has researched Moses Orimolade more than he has researched Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola.

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