Download Rest part 1 by Prophet Abraham Adebayo

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Download Rest part by Pastor Abraham Adebayo

Resting is something we all do, especially after finishing a task, but the question is when should we rest?.
Rest is not only physical, to rest can also mean to relax room engaging in certain activities.

Pastor Abraham Adebayo in this message which is a charge, charges us not to rest when there is still a lot to accomplish.
Many Christians, especially those in ministry have fallen into this trap of resting when God is saying they should continue working.
To rest is to relent in prayers.
To rest is to relent in fasting.
To rest is to be shallow in the study of the word.
To rest is dangerous when the task is not fulfilled.
Prophet Abraham Adebayo is the host of Path Of The Father's Conference an annual Conference that holds in Erin-Ile Kwara State under his ministry Grace For All International.
He also hosts the 72 Hours Intercession for Cherubim and Seraphim every year as directed by God.

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