Download Meditation by Aduragbemi Oladipo

Download Meditation By The Unction Ministry

Download Meditation By The Unction Ministry

 A very popular verse of the scripture (Joshua 1 vs 8) says we should meditate on the word of God day and night and never allow it depart form our heart.
Meditation is becoming strange to many believers today, many people no longer engage meditation, and many others think meditation is for the occult or diabolic, but when we look deep into scriptures we will realize that it commands us to meditate.

What you meditate upon will become life in you, meditation is not wrong ,it is what you meditate upon that may be wrong.
In this teaching Bro Oladipo Aduregbemi teaches on meditation and how to be effective in meditation.

The Unction Ministry keeps labouring as God has sent them to bring revival into the Cherubim And Seraphim church

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