Download Discernment Part 2 - Prophet Cherub Obadare

Download Discernment Part 2 By Prophet Cherub Obadare

Prophet Cherub Obadare is the residing Shepard of Spirit life Cherubim And Seraphim Church, he is a revelational teacher of the known for his passion and hunger for christ to be revealed in the life od others especially the youths.

If you listened to the first part of this teaching, then you should be more than ready for this part, Prophet Cherub Obadare continues his teaching on discernment by going more in depth into matters that concerns discernment using the scripture to bring the listeners into the knowledge of God.

Prophet Cherub Obadare is the Shepard of Spiritlife Cherubim And Seraphim Church, A prophet and a revelational teacher of the word.

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