Download ICT Benefits, Dangers and Frauds - Evang. Femi Adegbesan

ICT benefits,dangers and frauds part 1 by Evang.Femi Adegbesan

ICT Benefits, Dangers and Frauds Part 1 by Evang. Femi Adegbesan.

ICT has become a part of our lives in ways we cannot even imagine, technology has advanced and is advancing at a very fast rate such that being ignorant on the subject will be a problem.

The advancement of technology has raised  many questions bu many Christians, many have adopted technology, while many still see technology has a treat to our faith.

Evang. Femi Adegbesan in a lecture delivered in CSMC New Model Parish Ikorodu, Lagos State, explains the origin of science form the bible, he explained that science started at the beginning of creation when God said let there be light.

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