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Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel

Download Sufficiency By Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel at DIATHEKE

We have brought you messages from   pastor Abraham Adebayo, Prophet Cherub Obadare before, but today we are bringing you are message from another anointed Man Of God, a man who God has given a mandate to build his church with the word and demonstration of power, it is no other person than Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel.

Pastor Karoumwi Damilola  preached a messaged titled SUFFICIENCY at the annual convention this year , pastor karounwi Damilola teaches on the sufficiency of God and how believers can access his divine suppiles in gaining spiritual stature.

Pastor Karounwi Damilola Gabriel is the founder of Menorah School Of The Spirit Word, a monthly meeting where  the word of God is taught with demonstration of spirit and power, he is a graduate of YABATECH.

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