Download Sacrifice for Destiny 1 - Pastor Abraham Adebayo

Pastor Abraham Adebayo

Download Sacrifice for Destiny by Pastor Abraham Adebayo.

Everybody wants to fulfill destiny, espcially our God given destiny, nobody wants to live a life without impact but we all know the path to destiny is not always a smooth ride, there are things we will need to sacrifice and there are things we need to sacrifice for.

Pastor Abraham Adebayo teaches on the important things to note when striving to fulfill destiny, The  message is to charge believer to pay the necessary price for destiny.

Prophet Abraham Adebayo is the host of Path Of The Father's Conference an annual Conference that holds in Erin-Ile Kwara State under his ministry Grace For All International.
He also hosts the 72 Hours Intercession for Cherubim and Seraphim every year as directed by God.
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