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Download Faith Flow part 1 by Prophet Cherub Obadare


Download Cherub obadare Faith Flow part 1

How much faith do we need as a believer, how powerful is our faith? 
How much faith do I need to heal the sick or raise the dead? 
Does faith give room for laziness? 

We bring to you a powerful teaching series on faith by Prophet Cherub Obadare titled Faith Flow.
Prophet Cherub Obadare teaches on the Topic of Faith, he explains what faith is and what faith is not.
He explains how believers can engage their faith to bring the realities of God into this realm.

Prophet Cherub Obadare is the Shepard of Spiritlife Cherubim And Seraphim Church, A prophet and a revelational teacher of the word.

You can search for more of Prophet Cherub Obadare's messages on this blog by using the search button, just input his name or the title of the message you wish to download.

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